Translator Needed.


For one of those strange reasons, the nice guy who told me that would translate the game for today has completely disapeared for a whole week… 3 days ago he told me he was ill… and nothing else…

And the other translator is right now pretty too much busy until the next year.

I can completely understand someone can become ill… but please… if you can´t do something, at least… a little message of… “sorry, I can´t do what I told you”… but otherwise he told me this “No problem bro, I´ll do it for 15th, for sure!”

So sorry… I really have no news about him… (I just hope he didn´t became a zombi by a bite of some strange guy on street)…

So… version 00.02.06 is not english translated yet… I hope for version 00.02.08 will be if I can find a translator who can answer me in less than 48 hours if I ask him… how is it going ^^.

Obviously… I can´t pay the translator… so if he accepts the task… what I can do is giving him the newest update for the game for free… ^^

So…. if anybody is interested, please send me a private message. ^^

Thanks for all!


Autor: JohanDark

a Comic, Flash and Video Artist


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