Two New Rewards, 3$ and 5$

Basically everything is the same.

The only one that changes quite a bit is the 5$… Before was only Early access to images. Now is acces to the game much earlier. Let me explain.

Since the basic interest in my patreon is the game itself, I decided leave those NSFW early access images to All Patreons, so I can share better the word… this way I will be able to show early acces in forums with censorship and without too much spoilers… ^^

So in few words changes are next ones:

  • 1$: Access to the game 1 month before Public Release.
  • 3$: NEW! Access to the game 2 months “later” than ALPHA (10$) Release.
  • 5$: NEW! Access to the game 1 month “later” than ALPHA (10$) Release.
  • 10$: Access to the ALPHA game + PREMIUM (go beyond where version ends and see the depths of what I´m working in that moment…). Only problem with that, is… not everything will be avaible in english and basically beyond actual version is gonna be work in progress… ^^
  • 20$: Higher points for polls (when there are polls). Basically is for showing better support on my project. ^^

I saw that I only had 1$ or 10$ rewards… and 1$ Reward is not really too much reward… (I saw in 30th June Free version will be: v 00.03.05  and 10$ version will be: v 00.05.02. That means 8 months of difference between Free and 10$… Wow…)

PLEASE… Tell me your opinions about these changes… Are they good? are they bad? Could I improve any of them?

Thanks for your support!animation03_mastb


Autor: JohanDark

a Comic, Flash and Video Artist


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